JARKPOL AJG TRADE Sp.k. uses cookies to continuously improve the accessibility of the web site Cookies can primarily help you navigate the website, for example, by memorizing a language selection or other specific settings, Specific cookies are provided to JARKPOL AJG TRADE "Sp. With o.o. Sp.k. Statistical information about the use of the website, which indirectly also allows for better customization of the site to the expectations of visitors. Finally, cookies may allow you to use certain additional features such as "like" the various items on Facebook.


What exactly are cookies?

Cookies are simply small text files that contain data that is stored when a user visits a website. It has been designed to allow you to retrieve information about what you have been doing on your web pages in the past. They may include data about such activities as clicking specific links or pages, logging in to your user profile, or reading content that happened months or even years ago. There are several types of cookies. If it were not for them, the websites would not work in a manner that the users are used to.


Thanks to cookies JARKPOL AJG TRADE "Sp. Z oo Ltd. can, for example, guarantee that the information displayed on the screen the next visit will be customized to your preferences. With o.o. Sp.k. It can also identify the most popular sections of a website because they record information about the pages visited and the time they spend browsing. Based on the collected data, JARKPOL AJG TRADE GmbH may customize the website to better meet user expectations and be more oriented towards their preferences. Cookies may also facilitate third-party applications such as network connections. social.


How do I get permission to view cookies?

Cookies are used on our web site with your permission. The consent may be expressed by appropriate configuration of the software installed on the device used by the user, in particular the web browser that the user uses to view our web site. You may at any time revoke or change the scope of your prior consent to use cookies on the Website and decide to remove them.

Upon entering the JARKPOL AJG TRADE website, you are asked questions about the use of cookies and a link to this cookie usage policy for further information.


What data is collected and for what purpose?

During your visit to the website, JARKPOL AJG TRADE may automatically collect the following technical information (which does not identify you): operating system and browser type, domain name of another web site from which access has been granted. Website, time and duration of the visit, web pages displayed,


This data is used for internal purposes only, ie to collect JARKPOL AJG TRADE "Sp. Z oo Sp.k. of general demographic data, behavior and interests and to enable JARKPOL AJG TRADE" Sp. With o.o. Sp.k. Better tailor the website and its applications to the different needs and wishes of users and to better:


Identifying the user as logged on to this page

Memorization of data such as information entered by the user in forms while navigating to different pages during the same web browser session

Accelerate your search;

Recognize (anonymous) users returning to our site.


In addition to memorizing user settings on the WWW website, JARKPOL.COM.PL uses the information collected solely for the purpose of statistics on Google Analytics, meaning that the data is used solely for aggregate purposes and for internal purposes only. JARKPOL AJG TRADE Sp. Z oo does not collect personal information about users and can not identify them personally based on the collected data.


How do I find out more about cookies?

If you have any questions about how to use cookies, please send an email to jarkpol@jarkpol.com.pl


Can I delete cookies?

If a user decides that he or she does not wish to use cookies on this website, he or she can easily remove cookies from his / her browser. You can also make such browser settings to block cookies or send a warning before saving a cookie on your computer.













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