Modern trucks


We know that the quality of our services is determined by a qualified team, experienced drivers and a modern fleet that is always in perfect condition. That's why we have constantly invested in new VOLVO tractors and KRONE semi-trailers for 19 years.


Types of semi-trailers


JARKPOL customers have 40 own truck with coilmulda trailers and 160 truck of our subcontractors. Each trailer is XL certified. Most of the fleet used in the fleet meets the Euro 6 emissions standard and the remaining Euro 5.


Dimensions of semi-trailers


Vehicles are equipped with semi-trailers up to 3 meters high and 13.6 meters long. The maximum load of our semi-trailers is 26 tons. Due to these dimensions the semi-trailers are adapted for the transport of loads throughout Western and Central Eastern Europe.














Comprehensive forwarding services


Our knowledge and experience in providing transport services on our own and our long-term cooperation with proven carriers have allowed us to prepare comprehensive forwarding services for our clients.


Since the order was placed, the entire organization of the transport process has been entrusted to our employees. JARKPOL's staff comprehensively deals with transport and forwarding. Thanks to the large subcontractors we will choose the right means of transport, we will choose the optimal route, we will constantly supervise where the cargo is transported. Thanks to knowledge of Polish and European law, we will ensure proper customs service.


Cooperation with other companies


Due to the ever-increasing demand for cargo space, we are open to establishing relationships with new transport companies.


We invite you to cooperate.












Safety of the cargo carried.


By ordering us the transport of the cargo, you are sure that it will be properly secured and transported to the designated place at a certain time. Thanks to the use of high quality fastening belts, reinforcements and stops, the goods carried do not move during transport and remain undamaged.


Depending on customer needs, the kit includes:



  • New VOLVO FH12
  • Fastening belts
  • Corner corners
  • non-slip mats
  • Booms
  • Set of aluminum sideboards
  • Floor hooks for straps
  • GPS navigation system














European directions


If you are exporting or importing goods you know how important it is to choose the right transport company.


With JARKPOL you are sure that the task entrusted to us will be professionally and efficiently executed. Thanks to the experience we have gained, we are able to respond to the needs of customers in  different industries. Let us have a job and see how it looks like with us!


Our main destinations are Germany - Belgium - Luxembourg - Netherlands - Great Britain.


In case of demand for more tractors and trailers, we cooperate with checked carriers. This allows us to respond quickly to the needs of our customers.





















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